Date of Establishment and Brief History

Alteza House started in June 2004 and has been running at full capacity since its inception. Due to the limited amount of sober living homes available in Colorado Springs for women and increased phone calls from women desperately seeking a safe and sober environment to get back on their feet, Pikes Peak House was established in November 2006.

Pikes Peak House’s mission is to offer alcohol and chemically-dependent men and women a safe, supportive, sober living environment that promotes recovery and hope. We are not affiliated with any religious organizations. We promote individual spirituality and base recovery around the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Acceptance in the recovery house is not contingent upon one’s ability to pay up front. We will work with those who are homeless and indigent if they have the desire to stay sober and work towards recovery, accountability and responsibility.

Unique Aspects of Program and Relationships To Other Similar Programs

Sundays and Wednesdays are open NA & AA meetings and Thursdays are 12 x 12 and big book studies. We have other social activities that include the AA community such as pot lucks and barbeques for all to attend. These events help men and women learn to have fun in sobriety and network with other members in the program.